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Testing Letter

Colcord Public Schools

Preparing Students to be College, Career, and Citizen ready.

433 S. Larmon

Colcord, OK 74338

(918) 326-4116-Fax (918) 326 0035

Bud Simmons, Superintendent                                                                       School Board

Sandi Shackelford, HS Principal                                                                    Mike Wofford, Pres.

Misty Winfield, ES Principal                                                                        John Dunn, V. Pres.

Deena Blossom, Guidance Counselor                                                                 Donnie Craghead, Clerk  

Terrill Denny, Athletic Director/Dean of Students                                                    Billie Jones

Rebecca Farris, Special Ed Director/Dean of Students                                                David Ramsey                                   



March 30th, 2018


Dear Parents,


Colcord Public Schools and your child(ren) have been working very hard to prepare for the state mandated tests.

We need your help!

-         Students need plenty of rest

-         Students need to eat breakfast (School provides breakfast, lunch, and   

                 snack for free).

-         No absences or tardiness during the testing week or weeks.


It is important that we limit outside disturbances within the offices and classrooms during our testing window. Not all grades will test, but it is important that everyone is supportive and quiet during testing times. Your children have been working hard and they are very prepared for the test. I am personally excited about the hard work from the teachers, students, and staff here at Colcord. We are working to become an excellent rated school district! We appreciate your support.





Bud C. Simmons, Colcord Superintendent